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Skybound Entertainment is an American multiplatform entertainment company founded by Robert Kirkman and David Alpert.


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R. O. says

"This company is a scam! I bought the two new Trial By Trolley Expansions. But I have not gotten them yet (after 6 weeks). And I've yet to get a confirmation by mail, even though the money has been withdrawn from my account. They dont reply to my e-mails. Do not give them your money!!!"

Kathleen Ecet says

"Yeah don’t order from here it’s a rip off and it’s really misleading. It’s basically like another I bought 2 of the expansion packs of the card game “Red flags” and it was apparently on sale and the total was $25, I thought I found a great deal and I was so happy about that and then when they showed up I was so disappointed to find that these 2 expansion packs were the size of a literal deck of cards meanwhile the pictures they are advertised with show a regular sized game set which I was expecting. This unfortunately was a Kris cringe gift so I have to go out shopping and spend more money. Thanks di*k wads. Anyways be weary and I’d suggest ordering from literally any other store than this fake one."

Tonya Cotton says

"Twd TFS says your choices determine the ending of Clem's story, they don't, Twd TFS says it will be an amazing finally and at least try to make sense, it doesn't, Twd TFS says it will be fun, however when the game is littered with bugs still not patched months upon months after release, how can I play the game if it doesn't even work? Thank you, Skybound, thank you for ruining this series and wasting my money on a half made game that is possibly one of the biggest disappointments I have ever seen in a finale. Not to mention when we actually buy stuff the orders don't come through, thank you, Skybound, thank you for sucking our wallets dry, disappointing us, and giving us the finger in return."

Foster Foster says

"Yes, I will never order anything again either. My daughter saved up her own money and paid 99$ for games and merchandise. We received games and we never received the merchandise that goes with it. I worked for Tales of Wonder for 4 years so I understand pre-orders and I NEVER left an order unfulfilled. If we had to we would send something else for the bonus merchandise or give a portion of a refund. Seeing as that Diamond would have fired us if we didn't. Never received the merchandise or a substitute"

Robot Nr.183 says

"Absolutely horrible. First you have to wait for the delivery with a 8 month delay and in the end they charge you a customs fee which you have to pay. I will never buy from this company ever again!!!"

Turgut Kocer says

"Worst company I ever had to deal with. Either only amateurs are working there - or they have something up with fraudulent activities. Charge pre taxes to cash them in while taxes have to be paid again when package goes overseas. Double payment for customers overseas (which is literally tax fraud)! Their shipping handling is almost criminal - proclaiming issues with DHL Express while they are just updating totally wrong tracking info to pretend they shipped something they'll never going to ship. Adressing these issues on social media doesn't work since they delete all comments addressing issues anywhere officially accessible. Criminal company. Never ever preorder anything from them. Else you're going to regret. Take a close look on your paypal complaint time limits. They love to delay preorders exactly to the point where you can't get your money back from Paypal anymore. File your complaint on the last day possible and keep an eye on everything if you already preordered stuff."

Sam says

"Love The Walking Dead as a franchise, however Skybound needs to give the green light for the remaining content (Which people have paid for) for Overkill's The Walking Dead to be pushed out. It is unacceptable that a consumer pays for something and does not receive it."

Alex Dangler says

"Revoking a game licence so the developers can't release content they have finished? Skybound seems to not care for the game consumers tied to their products."

Daniel Eriksson says

"Backstabbed a game community and a developer , OTWD. No refounding to us who bougth the game for 49,99 Euro. Game is still being worked on, but we who own the product cant take part of it , since their licence got rewoked..."

Joel Wöhrle says

"They broke promise on Overkills the walking dead for no reason. The team even keeps developing the game but Skybound won't allow to get me what I paid for. There is no good reason why I wouldn't get the (!) finished content I paid 60 bucks for.... Why!?"

A L says

"Admittedly, my experiences with Skybound have been so-so, to say the least. My only order of two separate items was placed in April 2019. I have received one of these items in fall 2019, but the second iitem remains undelivered. However, it's not the lengthy item fulfillment times that I am displeased with. Instead, it's customer service and the company's lack of communication. I recently contacted Skybound to inquire about the status of this item and when it is expected to be finalized and then delivered. Instead of giving me any kind of concrete answer or just a response--I was told that I will receive an email confirmation with the item's tracking number once the item ships out. In short, I received no answer to my concerns, with my ticket then being closed and marked as "Resolved." **Edit** Coincidentally, my order actually arrived just hours after I left my original review. Whether this was due to my reaching out for an answer (perhaps my order was forgotten and never shipped?), or if by chance it just happened to arrive, I still never received a tracking number nor any updates about my order throughout the entire ordering and shipping process."

Michael Jamieson says

"Superb merchandise but international shipping is prohibitively expensive. I have contacted them about this but there has been no progress made yet, although they've been incredible from a customer services point of view. Probably flawless if you live in the U.S., but $40 shipping for a t-shirt and action figure to the UK makes it an expensive affair (particularly as, for me, anything ordered has always been hit by customs too)."